Everyone loves their birthday and Facebook makes it super easy to shout themselves out by hosting a do-good fundraiser as a way to start the next year of their life in a place of positivity!

Facebook is doing all the work for you – might as well take advantage of this by gently reminding supporters how much your pets appreciate celebrating with them.  

If you have a subscriber list, create an automated campaign to email a pre-ask to supporters two weeks before their birthday.  Of course you’ll also want to set up another automated campaign to send emails ON their birthday wishing them a happy day!

Quick Win: If you don’t have a subscriber list – time to go into your shelter software and do some exports of all the adopters, volunteers and donors to put them in one!


On the first of each month, make sure to post a generic shout out on Facebook.  As a camaraderie exercise, you can list your volunteers and staff who have birthdays for the month also.

This is a gentle prompt to get people to donate now or in the future when their birthday comes around!


As part of the “Spotlight” marketing, long term stay pets should be places on a “birthday card” which is posted inside of any fundraiser created by supporters.  You will write the pets name and say thank you for celebrating with your pets in a comment with a photo like this.

To see fundraisers, go to your Fundraiser Tab and filter for all active fundraisers and go through saying thanks on each one!


Sharing fundraiser results is a good way to help people see how much of an impact using birthday fundraisers can have!  As a special touch, list the names of all the donors and then add the total raised for pets.

Again, this is a way to promote a Spotlight Pet, show appreciation and encourage future birthday donors to get on the fundraising bandwagon!

THAT's a wrap!

If implemented correctly, this entire process should be a proactive effort which has the potential to generate thousands of dollars of passive fundraising for your organization.  This is just one online fundraising tactic that is part of a larger scale strategic marketing plan.  Remember to always be thinking about TRANSFORMATIONAL relationships vs TRANSACTIONAL.  You’ve got this!  And I’m here to help!  

Want help putting together your Marketing Strategy?  Look around Sploot!, the Pet Welfare Marketing Membership platform for more feasible, simple resources to build your pet loving community using social media marketing and digital planning.

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