Leading Pet Welfare Organizations into the World of Digital Marketing

Let's Talk Digital Marketing...

Let's Talk Digital Marketing...

Pet Welfare NEEDS Digital Marketing

But Where Do You Begin?

You’ve probably done some reading or attended a few webinars discussing “tactics” or even tried to mirror one-time posts others have used successfully… but even the most basic concepts of digital marketing require capacity, capability and time dedicated to the overall strategic digital marketing plan every, single, day.  Successful companies have dedicated specialists in house focusing on implementing strategies put together for them by top dollar marketing agencies.  The first step for already overwhelmed pet welfare organizations is to realize it’s simply unrealistic for most of you to take this on alone.  With Sploot, we offer the flexibility to have us focus on one area of greatest need or your entire digital marketing plan for the same membership fee.

Circle of Communication

Digital Marketing Approach

Digital Marketing is your first (and sometimes only) opportunity to make a lasting impression on animal lovers and pet parents.  Sploot uses the “Circle of Trust” approach to represent your organization – a constant flow of never ending communication that builds trusting, mutually beneficial relationships with your supporters using online mediums.

Website Recommendations 

We review your current website and/or make recommendations to simplify navigation, ensure content is engaging and appealing, and most important, your call-to-action “next steps” are readily accessible

Social Media Management

We use social platforms to consistently advocate impact and solutions focused messaging about pet welfare and pet care that is engaging, educational and in support of animal lovers and pet parents

Camaraderie Culture

We spark interest and guide your pet loving audiences through the journey of pet welfare using “first person” experience sharing to inspire involvement and a commitment to your cause


We turn everyday and unexpected expenses into learning and community building opportunities by normalizing the need for continuous financial support in order to provide for struggling pets and pet parents

Post Adoption Retention

We enable and continuously nurture long term relationships by establishing alumni groups that provide resources and support for your community of adopters

Email Marketing

We create automated and customized email marketing campaigns using a blend of personalize and advocating messages intended to nurture intimate, long term relationships

Benefits of Outsourcing Your Digital Marketing

Your organization can have a digital marketing plan created and in place taking up less than 3 hours of human resource time and less than the up front cost of neutering a pet in your care.  In addition:

  • There’s ZERO turnover, learning curves or rogue volunteers
  • We provide monthly updates and are always willing to strategize with your marketing or social media volunteers and staff
  • We ALWAYS “pay for ourselves” – if your online fundraising is less than the $35/month membership fee, we’ll reimburse it!

How Does It Work?


You’ll have the flexibility to opt-into different services and support offerings as a full scale Sploot Member.  Immediately after signing up, you’ll be directed to our Initial Questionnaire which will only take about 1 minute to complete.  This gives us reference points to us so we can become familiar with your organization before speaking with you.  Next, you’ll set up an Initial Discussion which we target your most immediate needs and answer questions you might have. 


If you are ready to jump right in, you can schedule a Strategic Planning Session and skip the Initial Discovery Call.  The purpose of this call is to clearly define our relationship and responsibilities with you.  We’ll guide you through 5 simple steps to mapping out a full strategic plan that targets your/your organizations top 3 stressors and then put together goals to turn your stresses into strengths (usually increased online funding, consistent recruiting and hard to adopt/long term stay pet focus).  You may have a lot of goals and/or needs – but we help to narrow down the prioritizes to the critical needs which will have the greatest immediate impact and which are also the most feasible and realistic.  We provide you with a fully outlined Strategic Planning Workbook that can be presented to other team members, leadership or board of directors and will service as a progress and accountability tracker.


While we offer the option to just utilize Strategic Planning we can also work alongside your team to strategize regarding your organization’s specific goals or we can fully manage specific marketing efforts for your organization.   If you commit to having Sploot manage one or several of your digital media platforms, we require authorized access to those social media platforms so we can implement strategic marketing which allows us to ensure completion as agreed.  It also provides us the opportunity to gather and analyze performance data necessary to determine the progress and potential advertising value of each platform (for future collaboration purposes, if you opt-in to utilize them).


Immediately after determining which services Sploot will manage, you will be given access to a personalized Content Sharing Virtual Planner.  This page is considered a working communication and content sharing resource that allows us to ensure we have all the proper information and media necessary to create consistent content and messaging on your behalf.  In addition, you will be able to use this page to see progress updates and notes from your Marketing Strategist!

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