Content Library

Eye catching collections full of easy to use graphic templates designed to draw the attention of adopters, fosters, donors and social sharers bringing awareness to your organization’s critical needs.

Drag & Drop Posts

Easily design adorable content to attract potential adopters using simple “Drag & Drop” templates that come in sets to offer a professionally designed look with a symmetric feel for lots of quick creations!  

Drag & Drop Stories

Templates for Facebook and Instagram to get a “full story” about all your adoptables in a few seconds, a personal view of specific happenings in your organization or fun tours and silly moments to encourage new volunteers and donors to join your support community!

Fun & Fancy Posts

Professional, Fun & FANCY templates to give certain pets a little extra boost with attention grabbing graphics to make that personal connection with a future adopter, foster or potential donor/sponsor!

Magazine Covers

Nothing creates interest like a COVER GIRL (or BOY!)!  Get “punny” with your covers or use them as a special razzle-dazzle to highlight a special pet in your care that deserves the spotlight!

Overlay Phrases

Little “stamp-like” feature add-ons with transparent backgrounds that can be used on any photo or template.  Simply drop your photo in and size your stamp!

Drag & Drop Videos

These promo items are specifically intended to target potential donors, volunteers and fosters to attract more help into your support community.  Great for pre-planned Virtual Adoption Events.

Recruiting Posts

Helping hands are always needed! Don’t forget to put the call out for new animal lovers regularly!

Recruiting Stories

Share stories to encourage new volunteers and fosters to become a part of your team and highlight adoptables that will easily transition into homes since they already are in foster!


Never miss critical info using signs on to place on kennels, cat rooms, quarantine rooms, front doors and more!


Educational printables and post series for adoption kits.


Promotional handouts to share in facility for walk-ins or at events.

MENTAL Enrichment

Educational printables to promote mental wellness for pets in your care using enriching and rewarding shelter experiences.


Print or share guidelines and reference packets for Foster Team Motivation, Onboarding and Management.


Print educational “how-to” manuals for volunteers to reference or share Team Goals for Onboarding and Management.


Automated follow ups including a congratulations, thank you, reminders for next steps, how else they can be involved and adoptaversaries!​

DONOR Emails

Automated follow ups to donors for their generosity including thank you, birthday shout outs and various ways to continue your relationship.​

Want to Share a Sploot!?!

All content within this library is all part of the FREE Sploot Membership in an effort to promote the importance of collaboration between shelter and rescue organizations. We encourage everyone to share resources with us they believe could be valuable to other organizations (we do not and will not profit from sharing content in this library).