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Pet Care Collaborators

Sploot builds relationships with pet care businesses that provide mutually beneficial opportunities to our Pet Parenting & Welfare Alliance. We negotiate on behalf of our alliance and present the option to partake in pet care business collaborations with the goal of creating financial incentives or impact influencing support for each alliance organization.

Give Your Dog the Best Life Possible

Dogly is an online community of professional trainers, nutritionists and wellness advocates specializing in rescued dogs.  As a collaborator, they provide free access to fosters, facility volunteers and staff plus offer learning events to animal loving audiences and your post adoption community with 20% of all registrations being donated back to your organization.

Real-Talk Discussions and Q&A Groups for pet parents and pet-saving teams

100+ Behavioral Resources for your facility volunteers and foster families to modify maladaptive responses

Daily Tips for your team, customized to their learning interest preferences

Learning Opportunities for your online animal lovers and pet-saving team with Fundraising Advantages

Guidance Goes With Your Pets to transporting rescue organizations to encourage life-saving intake

Post Adoption, Professional Guidance for your adoptive families as they transition their new pet into it’s new home

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