Joining the Pet Care Space.

This Real Talk Discussion focuses on shifting digital marketing of animal welfare organizations into a unified alliance of do-good, feel-good, pet parenting and welfare community platforms to become the most trusted resource for animal lovers and pet parents in 2022, taking over the narrative of what PET CARE represents.

We'll Face the Truth and Question Pet Welfare's REAL Challenges...

-What is the difference between “Pet Care” and Animal/Pet Welfare?

-Why is Pet Care valued at $100+ BILLION and growing when Pet Welfare is a struggling system?

-How do Pet Care marketing trends compare to Pet Welfare marketing trends?

-How can Pet Welfare Orgs mirror the marketing success of Pet Care Businesses?

-What would the impact for an alliance of Pet Welfare Organizations be if they switched it up and became the #1 Trusted Resource for Pet Parents & Animal Lovers alike instead of profit focused pet care businesses only?

Sploot Marketing is a pet welfare focused strategic planning service on a mission to develop innovative, progressive solutions which create a more sustainable position for pet welfare organizations.