Coaching & Action Plans

Most get involved in Animal Welfare because they are passionate about saving animals – not because they are interest (or experienced) in marketing and business development.  Animal Welfare is the only industry where those diligently working “hands on” at facilities and with animals are also expected to be top tier leaders and executives managing business operations, accounting, and marketing.  It’s just not realistic (or fair) for a majority of the organizations in this industry.

Animal Welfare
marketing Strategist

I am more than just a marketing professional.  I am a volunteer, a foster, an adopter, a donor (and a single mom).  I started Sploot! because in 2018 when I was starting an animal rescue with several other women, I was shocked to find there were ZERO strategic planning resources available that were completed examples – most information was insights and how-tos that still required a degree of marketing understanding to implement. 

I faced the same struggles being involved with animal welfare as my fellow animal-savers however, I was able to offer my experience and skill sets having worked in Operations Management & Strategic Marketing Planning at several Fortune 500 financial firms.  

In addition to my heart’s calling to rescue animals in need, I am passionate about supporting the organizations which offer these animals the chance they deserve to feel safe, happy and loved.  I deeply understand your challenges and genuinely want to help ease organizational burdens by making overwhelming tasks simple and offering myself as an educational resource and sympathetic motivator.  

Initial Discovery Session

Initial Onboarding & Discovery Session (1-2 Hrs): Quick discovery of how your organization functions and targeting of specific focus areas that will have the greatest impact for immediate and necessary growth in your organization and then a brainstorming of realistic and simple action items that get your team feeling empowered, capable, hopeful and passionate again!  

After the session, you will be provided with a Virtual & Downloadable Strategic Marketing Plan detailing the targeted action items agreed to be critical areas of focus, along with goal trackers to monitor your progress each month.  This session includes discovery conversations about:

Technology Comfort Levels
Organizational Structure
Leadership & Teams
Identifying Biggest Stressors
Identifying Greatest Successes
Action Plan for Top 3 Impact Focus Areas

Quarterly Coaching Sessions

Quarterly Coaching Sessions (~1 Hr): To ensure your team is meeting set goals, we will meet to discuss progress, accountability, re-evaluate your current position and to determine what tweaks or new approaches need to be made and what additional guidance would benefit your team the most.  Quarterly Coaching includes discussions about:

Celebrating Action Plan Successes
Identifying Action Plan Stressors
Creating Quarterly Goals
Revamping Action Plan with Goals & Impact Focuses