Celebrate Collection

1st of Each Month

Congratulate (and appreciate) your staff, fosters and volunteers who are celebrating special anniversaries with your organization!

Team Video

Post a little special shout in video format for fosters and volunteers celebrating Volun-versaries with your organization!

Themed Posts

This months "In Theme" appreciation posts for those going above and beyond for the animals in your care.

Generic Posts

Shine the spotlight on staff, volunteers and fosters who are going above and beyond for the animals in your care by recognizing individuals that went above and beyond on their own merit!

1st of Each month

Post every month to your online support community and explain how to donate birthdays to your adoptable pets on Facebook.  This can effortlessly generate $1,000s of dollars a month!

Team Video

Post a little special shout out in video format for employees, fosters and volunteers celebrating monthly birthdays!  Make sure to tag or personally recognize everyone with a birthday for this month!

Personal Thank you

Post a special Thank You on each individual birthday fundraiser on Facebook to acknowledge their efforts and send them a wishful thought!

Public Thank you

Post a special "Thank You" video to recognize all the birthday efforts on your public page.  This expresses gratitude and also encourages others to donate their birthdays!

Themed Update

Its important to include your social supporters on results each month, which builds confidence and rapport - plus creates emotionally-invested interest in the continued success of your organization.

Generic Updates

Post any time you'd like to give online supporters updates on adoptions, recognitions, appreciation, statistics, upcoming events and more ways to be involved.