5 Red Flags about Pet Welfare Funding

5 Red Flags about Pet Welfare Funding The real truth here is there is PLENTY of money being dedicated towards pets and PLENTY funneled into pet welfare… Pet Welfare is filled with many (many) small and mid-sized organizations essentially competing against each other in a desperate effort to achieve their mission.  This “competitive” nature is […]

The Ultimutt Matchmaker Questionnaire

The Ultimutt Matchmaking Questionnaire Adoption Application (the words) needs to be scrapped – and MATCHMAKING QUESTIONNAIRES are a great alternative! It just makes more sense and feels better as a form-filler.  I know I will personally fill out anything that I feel/think will tell me more about myself, so let’s use that to our advantage!  […]

Leadership Quiz: Is It Passion or Position?

Leadership Quiz: Is it Passion or Position? As leaders in pet welfare we normally create policies, procedures and organizational approaches from a protective position… Too often leaders justify current rules, policies, resistance to change as having an incredible passion for ensuring the well being of the pets in our care.  While passion often drives us to […]

7 Ways to Make Pet (Dating) Profiles Stand Out

7 Ways to Make Pet (Dating) Profiles Stand Out Pet Profile writing should have as much care given to them as if you were writing a dating profile for yourself or your favorite person! Pet profiles are critical to matchmaking because they tell the story of “who” your pets are and what kind of “relationship” […]