How Many Volunteers Should Manage Social Media?

Managing social media is a leadership responsibility that plays a critical role in organization success – volunteers can help coordinate media but should not be not managing this huge responsibility.

Digital Relationships

“Marketers need to build digital relationships and online reputation before closing any ask.” ~Chris Brogan

Easy Online Fundraising Tactic

EASY ONLINE FUNDRAISER FACEBOOK BIRTHDAYS WHO DOESN’T LOVE THEIR BIRTHDAY? Everyone loves their birthday and Facebook makes it super easy to shout themselves out by hosting a do-good fundraiser as a way to start the next year of their life in a place of positivity! Facebook is doing all the work for you – might […]

Spotlight Status: The Long Term Stay Marketing Strategy

Spotlight Status: THE Long Term Stay Marketing Strategy strategy = not a toolkit To be clear, this isn’t a quick fix toolkit.  While I’m all for toolkits it’s important to note for the most part they are tactics, not strategies.  In the current state of pet welfare and what’s about to come in the near […]

Brand Color Changes in Canva

Total Time: < 1 Minute.  Our templates are designed to allow for quick brand color changes across all pages at once!  Make sure to use the “Change All Colors” option when customizing!

Death of a Pet Welfare Saleman

Car Salesman.  What comes to mind?  Self serving, hidden agenda, obnoxiously invasive and pushy.  Even though it’s probably unintentional, don’t be a Pet Welfare Salesperson! Here’s 3 Salesy Tactics you should remove from your promotional marketing because – it’s pushing your agenda (sales) instead of engaging (impact) and also, it just doesn’t work and people […]


“Success doesn’t come from what you do occasionally… it comes from you what you do consistently.” ~Marie Forleo 

What Promotions Are Best For Long Term Stay Pets?

High Value Connection Media!  Scrap the “perfectly staged head tilt” photos and capture PERSONALITIES! This includes photos with as much interaction with people, other animals and candid moments of weird, quirky cuteness!