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Reference Guide

We’re absolutely thrilled to have you on board and can’t wait to support you in showcasing your long stay pets! We’ve put together this guide to provide you with essential information, tips, and best practices to help you capture and share engaging content, and make the most of our program’s benefits.  Let’s work together to give your pets the exposure they deserve and make a positive impact on their lives!


Brand Boxes

You'll soon receive product bundles from Mighty Paw and Natural Rapport. These bundles are designed to offer your pets both enrichment and wellness benefits. We're excited to see your pets enjoy these goodies!


ENRICHMENT BUNDLE: Lick Pad, Lick Bowl, Peanut Butter, and Chicken Jerky

WELLNESS BUNDLE: No-Pull Sport Dog Harness, Nylon Martingale Dog Collar, and Dual Handle Dog Leash


ENRICHMENT CHEWS BUNDLE: Beef Tendon Chews, Beef Trachea Chews, and Sweet Potato Chews

WELLNESS BUNDLE: Between Bath Spray, Eye Wipes, Freeze Dried Liver, Trachea Chews and Chicken Jerky
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Boosting Content

By leveraging paid advertising using Facebook and Instagram (and Tik Tok), we’ll strategically target audiences who are most likely to engage, follow and take action on content featuring your pets!  We use engaging content, strong storytelling with calls to action and special offers to maximize impact.  You’ll have three options to work together with us using Facebook Ads.

Meet Dana & Butterfly

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I want to amplify your long stay pets’ visibility and reach potential fosters and adopters more effectively.  I take special care to facilitate relationships with supportive brands, make sure your pets receive quality products and ensure content aligns with pet loving audience preferences based on market research.

Facebook Ads Manager

By granting permission for me to manage Facebook Ads I can create and edit ads, directly fund advertising fees, and access insights reports to optimize results. Rest assured, I will only have access to your ad campaigns and not your public page or any other account information.  You will also be able to view advertisements prior to running the campaigns!

Content Creation

If granting us permission to manage ads poses a barrier, we are able to provide all content campaigns (media and captions) for you to boost according to our explicit instructions. If you prefer this option, you'll need to us with a personal or business account for PayPal or Venmo to transfer the necessary funds.   Additionally, you'll need to share screenshots of insights and results with us.

*Please note this option may limit the campaign's effectiveness, as we won't be able to make daily adjustments as needed to maximize results.

Brand Boosted

If you only want to send us content for Brands to create Facebook Ads that showcase your adoptable pets (we'll always tag your organization), this is an option also - but often the least effective for the purposes of driving traffic to and increasing engagement on your social media pages.

Lights, camera, action!

Capturing High-Value Media

We've included guidelines to help you create high-value photos and videos. Remember, the primary goal is to capture the pets being happy, excited, and enjoying their new goodies. Keep the camera at eye level whenever possible so you can really focus on the genuine moments of joy!

Outdoor & Natural Lighting

Opt for outdoor settings with natural lighting when possible to enhance the visual appeal of your content and showcase the pets in the best possible light.

Box Opening Fun

Encourage pets to explore their new goodies by placing some dog food around the products inside the box. This offers scent enrichment and creates cute content of pets engaging with the box.

Enrichment Bundles

Film 30-45 second clips in portrait mode, capturing pets enjoying the enrichment products from a low angle. Focus should be on benefits of natural chewing, sniffing, licking and even drooling!

Wellness Bundles

Focus on showcasing the pets positively when using the wellness products and highlight their usefulness in shelter settings to aide in grooming upkeep, positive reinforcement training and everyday manners.
content inspiration

Engaging Media

We encourage you to capture as much content as possible with as many pets you’d like to showcase. Our goal is to create at least a weekly ad for your organization, so the more content you share, the more we will use to boost ads and cross-post on multiple platforms!

To help you get inspired, we’ve included a list of fun and easy media ideas to help capture creative and engaging photos + videos that will highlight your pets’ personalities while utilizing the goodies inside each product box.  We’ve also included an album of great content for each brand, showcasing examples of ideal photos and videos. 

All the content ideas we put together can be used to benefit your organization for recruiting, education and promotion of long stay adoptable pets while “modeling” brand products.  You don’t have to worry about “putting it all together” – just capturing as much raw content possible and we will filter out background chatter and make beautiful photos and video edits!


Media Sharing

We've made sharing content with us as easy as possible! You're welcome to use any of the methods below by clicking your preference to send photos and videos:


Because your team deserves it.

Mighty Paw and Natural Rapport want to recognize and support your teams' selfless efforts. Inside each box, you'll find a flyer with a special code to receive a Free Lick Pad from Mighty Paw and a Free Bag of Trachea Chews from Natural Rapport that can be given to all of your volunteers, staff, fosters, adopters and social supporters as a THANK YOU for all they do!

In addition, both Mighty Paw and Natural Rapport are committed to ensuring rescue pets have access to high-quality products and to help offset some of the financial burden to purchase, they are happy to provide your shelter with a wholesale product account featured in our Shelter Shops!

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