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Challenges are an excellent opportunity for growth during times of struggle – anyone in pet welfare will agree we are certainly well past that.  This isn’t about giving you another free learning resource you probably won’t use – this is about coaching you through the implementation of critical social media strategies yet to be harnessed within pet welfare.  And you won’t be along… I’ll be right here with you offering guidance, feedback and “YES. YOU. CAN.” motivation as you work through the course to unveil opportunities right at your finger tips that will prove your organization has far more capability and significantly less limitations than you currently believe!


Challenge 1

Audit your social media platforms

Success in marketing comes from facing the facts about what is actually working (whether you like it or not) and ditching what isn’t (whether you want to or not). Right out of the gate you’ll start by learning to be constructively critical of your platform's content performance using a Social Media Audit Workbook.

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Total Time: 30 Mins - 1 Hour... Includes Explainer Video + Social Media Audit Workbook
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challenge 2

Clean Your pet welfare potty mouth

Pet Welfare has been around for centuries - and so has a lot of the marketing language. It's critical for your organization to ditch outdated and oversaturated language that is ineffective and inconsistent with progressive sheltering movements.

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Total Time: 30 Mins... Includes Explainer Video + Reframing Language Worksheet
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Challenge 3

tidy up canva

It's so important to create in a space that balances your mind and enables meaningful connections that can be felt through your published marketing content and materials. You'll arrange Canva to reflect a Creative Studio that is organized and allow for streamlining content creation.

challenge details

Total Time: 30 Mins... Includes Explainer Video + Simplified Organization Worksheet
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challenge 4

Content Planning Habits

For the most part, social media content creation can be managed in about 20-30 minutes each week with the majority of the month's engagement, reminders and recruiting done in one sitting. A few minutes of planning can save you hours of unnecessary doing - but it all starts with developing healthy content planning habits.

challenge details

Total Time: 30 Mins - 1 Hour... Includes Explainer Video + Content Planning Worksheet
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Challenge 5

Say it in one sentence

Social Media is for being SOCIAL - it is not a blog, a website or a pet profile. It's important for you to learn how to get to the point of your post in one sentence and how to determine when to write a longer caption or direct your audience to the proper place to learn more.

challenge details

Total Time: 30 Mins... Includes Explainer Video + Captions Worksheet
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challenge 6

quick access story links

Facebook, Instagram and TikTok have mastered the art of monetizing social engagement. They build trust over time and then offer quick access to recommendations and resources that have the greatest potential for intended actions. Your platforms should engage and then direct to action prompting often and non-intrusively which is best achieved using stories with links as they were developed to do.

challenge details

Total Time: 1 Hour... Includes 2 Explainer Videos + Quick Links Worksheet
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Challenge 7

inlude your community

Social Media allows for long term, transformational relationships that go way beyond "one and done" transactions. You have to develop a trusting, mutually beneficial relationship with your supportive community by sharing the whole process, following up and being proactively transparent and intentionally inclusive.

challenge details

Total Time: 30 Mins... Includes Explainer Video + Community Building Worksheet
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challenge 8

prompt social sharing

A huge, untapped marketing opportunity in pet welfare is relying on your supporter community to provide valuable content sharing and facility relationship building on your behalf! It's critical to create a camaraderie culture among your digital and in personal network of pet lovers!

challenge details

Total Time: 30 Mins... Includes Explainer Video + Social Sharing Prompt Schedule Worksheet
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You'll learn implementable tactics that align with goal-getting strategies proving successful on multiple pet welfare platforms with the same resources and struggles as the majority of underfunded and understaffed organizations

Trusted Knowledge

Best practices are coming from a Marketing Strategist specialized in utilizing social media platforms to increase audience engagement for pet welfare organizations as a whole

strategic focused

All marketing recommendations promote long term strategic success - meaning the sustainable goals are the focus, not one time tactics that may or may not work... one time.

The fastest way to create a digital, supportive-community program is through social engagement, open communication and highly accessible access to resources, additional information, and involvement opportunities… this is literally why social media platforms were created and there a bunch of tools, features and simple strategies that will offer solutions (small and large) to greatly reduce the stress in this space and potentially rebalance the current crisis conditions if your team is willing to use them!

This is an “All Things Promoting Pet Welfare on Social Media”  CHALLENGE created by a Pet Welfare Marketing Strategist who applied her 10+ years in Marketing & Operations in the competitive financial industry to create credible solutions for pet welfare (and is managing multiple pet welfare organization platforms with great success).

For your organization to STOP doing things the way they have been, to STOP reverting back to ineffective and (unknowingly) harmful patterns of posting, to stop taking tactical advise on what to post once expecting unrealistic results it means really, really challenging your entire team to do things in a progressive, consistent, strategic way that has proven to be wildly successful and extremely lucrative (if you’re still not convinced, just take a good look at our friends swimming in the $100 Billion Dollar Pet Care Industry Pool using the same social media platforms you have access to, targeting the same pet loving/parenting audience you are and focused on the same mission to deepend the bond between people and their pets). 

Leadership, Board of Directors, Staff, Volunteers/Fosters… any person in your organization currently responsible for or learning how to manage your social media platforms.

Canva and Facebook.

Canva is free and you can sign up immediately – it may take some time for a Charity Account to be approved.

Our Private Facebook group is optional and intended to be a nurturing and encouraging place to receive guidance, feedback and brainstorm among your pet welfare promoting peers.


  • Channel your welcoming, people-loving, SOCIAL digital brand persona
  • Recognize what works – and ditch what doesn’t
  • Evaluate your social media platforms to determine engagement rates, growth rates, optimal posting times, audience preferences
  • Plan out content each week quickly for Feed Posts, Grids, Stories, Highlights and Reels
  • Organize Media Sharing with your team through integrations and quick codes
  • Utilize Links, Content Schedulers, Online Fundraiser+Events Tabs and Social Sharing Features
  • Create engaging content that recycles on different platforms to maximize usage
  • Nurture community relationships reflecting a supportive, camaraderie culture

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