Marketing Calendar

A consistent posting schedule helps engage/educate public supporters, increase donor, foster & volunteer reach and encourages your potential adopters to visit your website – bringing adoptable pets directly into their heart and home!

Click, Clickety-Click & Done!

Once you’re fully set up with Canva integrations (we can help with this!), just click which post you want to use, customize our templates using drag-and-drop photos and fine tune pre-written content then schedule to post on the content planner!  Boom – Done!

Stay Organized with To Do Lists

Make sure this month’s content is customized and scheduled properly using our weekly to do lists!  Start at the top and check off each item as you and your team complete it.  Easy as that!

Connect with Your Community

It’s important to find ways to bring people together.  Our Connection Collection is filled with this month’s special recognition/holidays, inclusive and educational awareness, helpful resources and lots of fun tips and tid-bits.

Ask, Every day

Everyone is focused on their own priorities – even still, most people are willing to help if ASKED.  Our Everyday Ask Collection offers specific, but non-invasive “ask opportunities” to grow your community/team through adopting, fostering, volunteering, donating, collaborating and/or social sharing in an effort to build camaraderie.

Promote Your pets

Your pets are always the main feature – so let’s give them the spotlight treatment!  Our Adoptables Collection is filled with graphic templates designed specifically for this month’s theme and also includes our Seasonal Sploot! theme pack.  

Celebrate With Your Supporters

“Thank You” still goes a long way with people!  Our Celebration Collection is filled with a great blend of proper etiquette to recognize and validate the simplest and most grandeur actions taken to support your organization!

We Have Great Answers

Tips, Hints & Best Practices

You should be posting every day at least 2-3 times a day (AM, Midday, PM).  

It is best to add multiple pets to one post as followers are more likely to share more frequently to their own pages than just a single pet.

Posting twice a day, you can easily promote 10-30 pets!  The drag and drop patterned templates make it very easy to advertise a lot of pets in one post without it feeling like you are overusing templates.  Small changes make for aesthetically pleasing but unique experiences for each pet.

Do NOT try to figure out the algorithms – trust that you will create content your support community will WANT to share.

POST Templates are good for any “single” post that you want to make on Facebook or Instagram (or other social media platforms).  It is best for any “feed” viewing – when someone is scrolling they will see these posts pop up in their feeds.


STORIES Templates are best utilized in a “bulk flip book” that followers can click through at their own pace and see all available animals at once in a similar template for uniformity.

*Stories Highlights are set up on Instagram for viewing at any time & can be cross posted on Facebook, however, new content will only stay on Facebook for 24 hours.

Customizable Templates are shared via Canva links.  You must sign up for Canva to use this program.  We have no affiliation or partnership with Canva, we just appreciate the simplicity of the design software plus – it is free to all not for profits.  If you have not already requested a Canva Nonprofit Account, click the below link to be redirected to the application (it only takes a few days to get approved.)

Canva for Nonprofits Application 


Pre-Written Content is shared via a cut and paste page within the graphics templates.   Content contains information with site source links if applicable, as well as helpful hints on customizing the CALLS TO ACTION for your organization.

While “generalized” information is provided and research is done to fact check, we highly recommend reading posts and customizing to align with your organization (ie, remove dog content if a cat only rescue, add in facts about breed specific behaviors if a breed-specific rescue, etc.) and focusing content that promotes your organization’s available pets and mission critical focuses.

“Every Day Ask” Fundraising is a strategic fundraising plan that focuses on non-invasive opportunities for supporters to donate through “Drip Campaigns” (meaning, your followers will see small asks every day to encourage them to give.)

Each post should have some form of an ask which can be as simple as including a Donate button on all posts.  All of the Marketing Calendar content has specific opportunities for supporters to contribute in an inclusive manner.  You never want to exclude various ways supporters can offer help by making them feel you are only asking for BIG BUCKS from them.  

Many people want to help – but don’t know how and it’s critical to make sure you are providing ample opportunities for them to do so!

All graphic templates allow for drag and drop of both static photos AND video clips.  

We recommend keeping video clips short and narrowed down to the most adorable action item to give potential adopters a quick feel-good moment allowing them to connect with the promoted adoptable pet before actually meeting them.

For more extensive story telling about one or multiple pets, we recommend using the “Virtual Adoption” template or heading over to the Canva Videos class to learn how to best utilize the Canva Video Presentation templates.

Seasonal Stories change every quarter, so they are “relevant” for 3 months before needing to be updated.

Festive Stories change every month, so they are usually only “relevant” for about 30 days before needing to be removed.

New intakes or “short stay” adoptables should be posted on monthly templates as they will likely not need to be promoted again before adoption.

It is recommended to use Seasonal Stories for animals you find generally stay in your care for more than a month – or are otherwise long term residents.  You want all animals to be available for searching at a glance – but it’s not feasible for high intake facilities to change templates for “long stay” adoptables every 30 days.


It is recommended to utilize Seasonal Stories & Seasonal Posts for current and/or anticipcated “long stay” adoptables.  This will allow the graphics to be good for 3 months before needing to be changed.

Story Highlights allow for all animals to remain in a “bulk theme” easy and quick view for those searching without creating “Lime Light Fatigue”.

For any pets that have been posted on social media for 3 months without any interest, it is recommended to give them a few week “break” on social platforms and instead focus adoption efforts internally rather than on social media.   Long Term stay animals need to have adoption focus placed on matchmaking and guidance using productive bio writing.

The ONLY objective of social media posting should be to create POTENTIAL support members out of your followers.  This means intriguing potential adopters, fosters, donors, volunteers.

Yes, the objective is also to get animals adopted – but every post should focus on the bigger picture.  When you post a dog for adoption – the hope is that dog gets adopted but the GOAL is to attract an adopter to your organization who will adopt ANY adoptable pet in your care.  A curious adopter will be pointed to your website to learn about ALL the ways they can become a supporter and ALL the animals that are available.

If you are writing long biographies that in any way offers room for an adopter to be apprehensive, you will lose that potential adopter and sabotage every pet in your care’s opportunity to go home.  A potential adopter that comes to your website might learn the pet that brought them there isn’t a good fit but they have now seen many others that could be a good fit!

Social Media is designed to draw your target audience in and make them want to be a part of your mission.  The biggest mistake rescues make is projecting their insecurities about a pet (or any other topic) in their social media posts.