Animal flow strategies

Marketing is the art of telling your story in a way it moves people to act. It's not a tactical maneuver, it's about finding ways to create meaning and make people feel something rather than making them do what you want.

Bernadette Jiwa

Adoptable Pet Promotion

Showcasing your adoptable pets means maximizing exposure of the cute faces in your facility/foster by promoting them to your online reach. The goal is to encourage online supporters to become emotionally invested in the animals in your care which is accomplished by helping them understand where animals go and alternative ways to contribute to animal flows. Adoptables should be promoted in all stages of their movement to include getting adopted, going into foster and/or transporting to other partnering rescue organizations.

Pet Sharing Narratives

Marketing content that Evokes Connection should extend past potential adopters. It's equally as important to use the same positive and encouraging narratives to promote your pets to fosters within your organization and rescue organizations looking to take in animals from potential partnering shelters.


Adoptable pets in need of transport to a willing or potential rescue partner should feel balanced. If you are asking other organizations to support your organization by taking in your pets, you should be offering a mutual support gesture in return as a token of appreciation for their partnership. Providing marketing materials, adopter resources and transport or financial assistance greatly increases the transport opportunities.

Foster & Facility media AUTOMATION

Capturing the uniqueness and personality of adoptable pets is what opens opportunities for movement of pets into temporary or long term placement placement. Having a simple and automated way of requesting marketing material, sharing media content and exchanging bio/behavioral notes significantly shortens the length of stay and expedites adoption, foster offers and/or rescue partnership.

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