Transforming pet welfare through unique collaborations.


Our Strategic Alliances are designed to unlock an array of benefits for pet welfare organizations, amplifying their impact, bolstering resources, enhancing credibility, and building a foundation for long-term sustainability. By connecting organizations with reputable pet care brands, we create networks that share a genuine commitment to pet welfare, bringing about transformative change and elevating the level of care for pets in need.

Our Mission

We identified a gap in the pet welfare industry – while strategic alliances with thriving pet care brands offer immense impact, they are too often out of reach for underfunded and resource strained organizations. 

We’ve taken on the responsibility to bridge this gap, aiming to bring value, access, and ease to organizations by removing unfair barriers currently preventing growth, progress and sustainable change in this forging these relationships. 

Accessible Alliances

What sets us apart from other partnerships is our commitment to equality and fairness – we never make organizations work unnecessarily hard to prove their worthiness to be accepted into our programs, nor do we cherry-pick based on unbalanced, personal gain. 

With dedicated Directors for both Pet Brand and Rescue Partners, we ensure every alliance is crafted with equal benefits in mind, fostering long-term relationships that secure ongoing support and continued success for all.

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Work with Us

Dive into our unique collaborations.  From digital fundraisers and engaging social media collaborations that put a positive spotlight on long stay pets to full partnerships with trusted brands, we’re here to provide innovative solutions that drive your mission forward.

Social Media Collaborations

We leverage the power of social media to enhance the visibility of pets in need, particularly longer stay pets.

Digital Fundraisers

We make virtual fundraising effortless and effective for pet welfare organizations to raise funds and resources.

Partnership Programs

We go beyond traditional alliances between pet care brands and pet welfare organizations to achieve lasting change.

Guide & Shop Center

An all-encompassing resource hub to support your community through every stage of their pet care journey.


Our commitment to empowering organizations through vetted partnerships, ongoing feedback, and streamlined collaborations sets us apart… and we understand you may have questions.  We’re providing answers to some commonly asked questions and we’re also happy to chat if you have more!

We exactly is a strategic alliance?

A strategic alliance is a cooperative agreement between two or more organizations to help market, promote or otherwise create a mutual benefit in audience awareness and reach. In the context of our work, these alliances are forged between pet welfare organizations and pet care brands to amplify impact, access valuable resources, and drive sustainable change.

How does Sploot select their brands?

We carefully vet pet care brands to ensure their values align with our commitment to pet welfare. We look for brands that offer high-quality products and show a genuine commitment to contributing positively to the pet welfare landscape and a willingness to promote long stay pets.

Do we need to pay to utilize Sploot's strategic alliances?

No! Participating in a strategic alliance is always free. Our goal is to alleviate financial burdens on pet welfare organizations and make partnerships as accessible and effortless as possible.

How would our organization benefit from an alliance?

By entering into an alliance, your organization gains access to resources that can help you extend your reach and effectiveness. This could range from quality pet care products to social media promotion support, and more. This not only helps elevate the quality of care you can provide but also decreases your operational costs.

How do we begin participating in collabs?

Starting an alliance with us is simple. Reach out to us via our contact form and we'll guide you through the entire process. We'll ensure that we understand your needs and match you with brands that align with your values and objectives.

How does Sploot ensure fairness for brands and orgs?

We have dedicated Directors for both Pet Brand and Rescue Partners who negotiate and craft programs that prioritize equal benefits for all parties involved. We take on the responsibility of fostering these long-term relationships, securing ongoing support, sustainability, and continued success.

Can we end an alliance if it's not working?

Absolutely. We want these alliances to benefit your organization. If you find that an alliance isn't meeting your needs, please communicate with us so we can work on a solution or help facilitate a graceful exit.

Collaborations are typically month to month while partnerships generally require a 6 month commitment.


Sploot is a pet welfare marketing agency that provides critical services by creating innovative, effortless, strategic alliances.

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