Supporting Adopters & Their New Pets

Post-adoption support program that uses automated systems which “feel” personal to provide resources that ultimately reduce rates of returns and nurture long term relationships.


Adopters Scan to Sign Up

You’ll receive a printable flyer with your unique scan code which directs adopters to the sign up form for your organization.  This will go in your facility and in adopter kits.  Encourage your adopters to sign up before they leave, it takes two seconds.

Adopter's Resource Page

After signing up, your Adopter’s Resource Page will automatically pop up.  This page includes:

  • Branded Welcome: Custom message with your unique follow ups (contact info, pet update forms, recruiting links)
  • Adopter Treats: Exclusive offers and giveaways from the pet brand collaborations you’ve opted into
  • Professional Training Guides: Tips written by professional, positive reinforcement trainers for common “new pet” behaviors

Automated Email Series

After signing up, your adopters will also receive emails pre-set to be delivered right into their inbox with gentle reminders on how to transition adopted pets into new homes.  This email series includes:

  • Immediately Sent: Tips for introducing new pets to children and current pets.
  • Sent Day 1: Gentle reminder of the importance of keeping a consistent routine to prevent unwanted behaviors
  • Sent Day 7: Socialization timeline to allow for slow and steady introduction to activities outside the home
  • Sent Day 30: List of behaviors to “check” if pets are appropriately spoiled or require intervention to prevent escalation
  • Sent Day 60: Encouraging adopters to sign up for the monthly pet parenting emails for continued support on their pet parenting journey

*** Sploot manages your subscriber lists but will never sell them. Selling adopter lists is counterproductive to our mission of enabling pet welfare organizations to leverage their pet-parent marketing platform to generate long term funding.  NEVER sell (or let anyone else sell) your email lists to pet brands.  You will receive a report each month providing insights about your subscriber rates and a complete list of subscribers you can upload into your system as you see fit.