Creating a spotlight for long stay pets!



We see more than just faces in photos when we look at your long stay pets; we learn their names, cherish their individual stories, and feel the spectrum of your emotions from happiness to fear of loss.

Our initiative goes beyond mere visibility; it’s a journey towards redefining the narrative of long stay pets, accentuating their value, and connecting them with your supportive community – all while promoting your organization and broadening reach using meaningful social media collaborations with pet care brands.

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Our Adoptable Brand Models Initiative is designed to shift outdated tactics that overshadow the individuality of long stay pets in sad, SOS posting by creating engaging narratives that spotlight the inherent value they have by promoting them as brand models.

Engaging Content

The products provided serve as excellent props for creating engaging and heartwarming content, simplifying the process of capturing captivating moments.


Take advantage of cross-promotional growth activities that boost your organization's social media presence and foster a larger, engaged following.

Monetary Bonuses

Earn a $50 "bonus donation" per brand for capturing usable media and providing feedback/reviews, aiding in the generation of passive funding for your organization.


You’ll receive monthly “influencer boxes” of quality pet care products from fully vetted brands to pamper long stay pets. Products are hand selected by our team and serve as excellent props for creating engaging and heartwarming content, simplifying the process of capturing captivating moments. This content is shared across diverse platforms, including social media and email campaigns, amplifying individual pets’ stories and advocating for their adoption.

Additionally, your organization will earn a $50 “bonus donation” from each brand for capturing usable media and providing feedback/reviews they can use for their own advertising purposes.  As an actively participating organization, you’ll be invited into a network of pet care brands interested in advocating for pet welfare, opening doors to mutually beneficial partnerships and sponsored digital fundraisers.

Join Our Adoptable Brand Models Initiative

Our commitment to empowering organizations through vetted partnerships and streamlined collaborations sets us apart.

Frequently Ask Questions

To participate, your organization must be eligible to receive donations and have an active social media profile (Instagram and/or Facebook). You'll also need to provide content (photos AND videos) of adoptable pets using the brand products sent to you which can be captured from a mobile phone.

You'll be required to capture a minimum of 5 photos and 2 videos for each brand box.  We will provide you with example content and each month, we will request at least 2 products to provide feedback on.

We request a short sentence on the quality of products, usability, benefits or pet reaction to chewing, taking or using them.  Brands really enjoy the shelter perspective and like to know how they can be used in a shelter environment or specifically benefit adopted rescue dogs.  

We distribute funds every Monday.  Once content has been received and you have provided your donation account details, we will transfer the donation.  We are able to send donations via Venmo, Paypal, Facebook or any other digital link of your choosing.

Your happiness is important to us. If you're finding a this collaboration isn't meeting your needs, we always want to know and will work with you if applicable or stop sending boxes.  We will also cancel future boxes if content is not sent by the monthly deadline.

Our team heavily vets brands to include their products and their alignment with advocating for pet welfare.  We make sure products are of top notch quality and of course, safe for shelter use.    

Once we see your organization is actively participating in social media collaborations and if you have an openness to cross promotion on your platform, you'll be invited to participate in existing or new partnerships and digital fundraisers as they become available.

We provide a list of captions that can be used as inspiration.  At any time, we're also happy to be send media and create personalized captions and reels for you to post specifically about the pets in the photos/videos!

We have a network of platforms your content will be shared on - and in all social media or adoption advocating email campaigns, there will be a direct link to your handle, website or the adoptable pet profile.

For content that is used in marketing material (website, flyers, etcetera), it is not required for the brand to credit your organization.

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