Your Story, Our Strategies.

Where passionate pet care meets marketing.

We specialize in enhancing the digital presence of animal shelters and rescues, unlocking a realm of opportunities for growth, engagement, and impactful partnerships. 

Our Vision

We envision a digital landscape where every animal shelter and rescue organization effortlessly narrates its unique story, resonates with a global audience, and fosters a culture of compassion and action.

Our Mission

To amplify the voices of shelters and rescues, enabling them to connect with supportive communities and drive transformative change for animals in need by simplifying social media marketing.


We'll amplify your shelter's digital presence using strategies designed to foster a strong, engaged online community.


We craft customizable content that reflects your shelter's essence and the unique stories of the animals you care for.


We bridge the gap between pet care brands and your organization, creating mutually beneficial alliances.


Created by Dana, a seasoned marketer and pet adoption center founder, Sploot Marketing sprang from a passion to uplift the lives and visibility of long stay pets via the dynamic avenue of social media. As the COVID pandemic rose, Dana joined forces with Cory, the mastermind behind Dogly, who brought over 10 years of experience working with pet brands and pet care professionals to the table.

Together, they intertwined compassion with strategic marketing, aiming to enhance the quality of life and spotlight sheltered pets. This alliance focused to foster mutually rewarding collaborations between pet welfare organizations and supportive pet care brands, unlocking additional marketing resources, leveraging social media reach, and highlighting the unique value of long stay pets as brand models.

Interest in collaborating with us?

Let’s talk about your opportunity! We always welcome conversations with pet care brands and animal welfare focused organizations to see how we can create a stronger alliance that will benefit sheltered and rescue pets.

Sploot is a pet welfare marketing agency that provides critical services by creating innovative, effortless, strategic alliances.

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