7 Ways to Make Pet (Dating) Profiles Stand Out

Pet Profile writing should have as much care given to them as if you were writing a dating profile for yourself or your favorite person!

Pet profiles are critical to matchmaking because they tell the story of “who” your pets are and what kind of “relationship” is best for them.  Creating profiles requires careful, thoughtful and intentional text communication that highlights the best parts of your pet without being so “filtered” the pet is unrecognizable to the potential adopter when they meet in person.  Here’s 7 ways to make your adoptable pets’ profiles stand out to potential adopters and fosters.

1.) Get Quirky!

If there is something specific about your pet that makes them unique – even if it means mentioning something silly, a weird face they make, if they eat funny, or run sideways, smile hard, full body wiggle…. Start with that!

2.) STOP Using Naughty Words!

Most words that start with N  promote negativity such as Not, No, Never, Needs.  These words are often followed up “turn-off” language that makes people swipe left real quick.  (If you aren’t on dating apps, Left Means Nope).  After you write your bio, go back and rewrite it removing these naught words and reframing your statement to be positively focused.

3.) Use "Adopter Angles"!

For profile photos we like to see headshots… but with the pet slightly looking up and mouth open!  This makes it look like the pet is looking up at its potential family member smiling!

4.) Tell Them What You WANT!

You can say everything you want without sending a message that some people “need not apply” or “aren’t qualified”.  If you pet is male-shy, write they want a Strong, Independent Woman.  Even with men or kids in the home, a strong-independent-woman will make sure to teach boundaries and consent to family members allowing the pet to develop confidence at their own pace.  If your pet is a flight risk, say you want a Leash-Lover!  Be creative and positive and remember #2 above!

5.) Add Photos with Friends!

Make sure to include photos of your pets engaging with volunteers and other pets to show potential adopters “proof” they are social and perfectly capable of adjusting into family pets.

6.) Partner with Elementary Schools!

Instead of trying to write a new bio every time, have a templated bio (age, gender, friendly with) and then ask elementary school kids to fill in the fluff with creative background stories.  I won’t read a boring bio but I will read a story about a pet that once lived in a castle and eats ice cream for dinner in her tutu.  I don’t even care its not reality, I will 100% connect with that story!

7.) Write Bios In the Moment!

It’s much easier to “intuitive write” than to consciously write.  Ask volunteers and fosters to sit in front of the adoptable pet and engage with them for a bit and THEN take their phone out and write about how being around that pet makes them feel, what they are observing of quirky personality traits, snapping photos to align with those moments while they are happening. 

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