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Pet Welfare Marketing the Fun & Effective Way

Everything you need to showcase long stay pets, nurture long term relationships and keep pet-lovers engaged… including a support team to manage it all!

New Pet Support

Supportive plans, helpful tools, training guides and camaraderie

Spotlight Pets

Long stay residents representing shelter pets as brand models in media

Monthly Engagement

Social media content, email campaigns and digital fundraisers

Stress Free Solutions

An All-In-One Marketing Program

We provide pet welfare organizations with a full service marketing program at no cost consisting of an entire suite of connected solutions focused on engaging pet lovers using relationship building strategies.   

Representing Rescue Pets

Shelter Pets Are the New Pet Brand Models

Collaborate with pet brands supportive of pet welfare and ready to promote your pets wearing or using their products!

Additional Collab Benefits

Discounts, Donations and...

Digital Fundraisers

Use your adoption organization’s code at checkout to help support the pets in their care while shopping for yours!

Select Your Organization when signing up for your free treatment and you’ll help support the pets in their care while shopping for yours!

Engagement Approach

Relationships & Reach

Our approach utilizes social media collaboration, email+sms automation and a virtual pet parent center filled with resources.  


Consistent Content

Monthly emails, social media posts and special offers that GIVE resources to supporters (to balance asking)


Trusted Source

Become the trusted source for pet parents to receive consistent guidance, tips and tools



Align with pet care brands to increase reach, promote pets and share pet welfare focused messaging

Pet Parent Programs

Planning is Best For "Best Pet" Results

New Pet Support Series

6 automated emails + 2 sms filled with check-ins, training guides, helpful tips & training tools

Enrichment Focused

Enrichment Focused

Lots of tips + training tools to help pets (and parents) thrive mentally & physically

Professional Guidance

Professional Guidance

Learning + activity guides written by Dogly's Professional Positive Reinforcement Trainers

Reduce Rates of Returns
Increase Foster Retention

Blog & Article

Latest Blog

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Sploot Marketing is a pet welfare focused strategic planning service on a mission to develop innovative, progressive solutions which create a more sustainable position for pet welfare organizations.

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