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Sploot enables animal welfare organizations to adapt into digital feel good, do good, trustworthy Pet Parenting & Welfare Resource Platforms

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In 2020, pet parents spent over 100 billion dollars on pet care, meaning there are plenty of animal lovers eager to make the lives of pets better and willing to spend money to do so.  Sploot is determined to shift the narrative and promote animal welfare organizations as pet parenting and welfare community platforms, equally as beneficial for and valuable to pet parents.   We emphasize these organizations’ dedication to whole-hearted pet care which is inclusive of the needs and wants of all pets (with and without parents) and all pet parents… and encourage pet lovers to join this passionate and unified community.  

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About Sploot

Sploot is a genuine intention solution created by our Marketing Strategist, Dana, when she realized strategic planning and digital support wasn’t available when she needed it.  As an animal rescue founder, adopter, foster and volunteer she wanted to offer feasible marketing services that represent the true value of animal welfare organizations to animal loving audiences.  We want to take on the time consuming responsibility to speak on these amazing organizations’ behalf using authentic, creative, compelling digital content and connection strategies to inspire animal lovers, pet parents and pet care companies to be more involved in the mission to help make the world a better place for pets.

Adapt. Don't Stop.

Our Strategy

Thanks to social media, it’s never been easier to get in front of animal lovers BUT at the same time, it has never been harder to inspire credibility and trust during an 8 second digital first impression. While digital competitiveness is peaking in the pet care industry, Sploot’s marketing approach is leveraging a strategic Pet Parenting & Welfare Alliance between animal welfare organizations, promoting a unified mission to impact pet care by focusing on bettering the lives of animals AND pet parents in need.  We provide full scale digital marketing services including:

Strategic Planning: Action plans concentrating on maximum engagement with pet parents 

Social Media: Impact focused messaging to engage animal lovers, pet parents and pet care businesses

Team Building: Daily Team Prompts to increase camaraderie, motivation and mutual appreciation

Online Fundraising: Ask expectations for community support of continuous and unexpected pet and pet parent needs

Adoptable Promotions: Spark interest and influence connection between pets and potential pet parents

Email Marketing: Blending personalize messages and community updates to form more intimate, long term relationships

Taking a Seat at the Pet Care Table

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Change Requires Change

Connecting with Animal Lovers

Change is hard – but struggling to perform your mission or having to give it up entirely is harder.  The simple truth is, it has been proven that digital audiences no longer respond to or have any tolerance for outdated stereotyping, archetypes or marketing approaches.  (Hence this being the height of “Cancel Culture”).  Factually, Millennials are the primary audience influencing trends and marketing needs within pet care and they need to be embraced.  Millennials do not want to be lectured about what is or is not considered proper in terms of pet ownership but rather, they want to be guided and supported in their search to understand how to provide the best home and be the best parent to their pets within their means.

Just because animal welfare organizations are nonprofits, this doesn’t exclude them from operating like and being recognized as a pet care brand.  Your brand is helping animals and pet parents in need – if this isn’t the ideal definition of pet care, what the heck is?  Yes, there is a completely different focus (impact vs profit) but the digital marketing approach in connecting with pet parents should be the same if you want the same willingness from pet parents to support the animal welfare brand as they do pet product business brands.

Did you know even Sarah McLachlan herself stated the videos she made of sad animals meant to evoke shame and guilt are traumatizing to her – and that she will change the channel if it comes on to avoid watching it? Audiences no longer respond to emotional manipulation.  They want honesty, specific details and a candid message delivered with kindness.  They want to be educated and both emotionally and morally moved to support your cause… but they refuse to be manipulated into it.  Forget emotionally manipulative fundraising tactics and implement a supporter strategy that focuses on transparency, community compassion and a normalized expectation of genuine asks for circumstance specific support.

In everything that you are writing to encourage supporters to engage with you, remove the word NOT.  Policies, rules, contracts, forms should focus language on education, helpful tips, best practices and well being.  For example “dogs must not be taken off leash” can easily be stated as “dogs should be kept on leashes as you just never know when they might startle at something new or a situation will arise in which a leash is the life saving tool.”

If you want influencers to share your messages, you can expect to pay the same $1k-$15k PER POST other pet brands do.  Influencer marketing is a money making strategy which is why animal welfare organizations should be focused on using their cumulative platforms to generate the same action results any other influencer would.  With proper messaging and content strategies, you’ll be your own advocate instead of searching outside your organizations all the time.

It’s a sure guarantee your organization is sitting on a wealth of email addresses from potential, current and/or previous adopters, volunteers, fosters and donors.  Due to time constraints, email marketing is often underutilized or not being utilized at all as a marketing connection strategy.  The possibilities are endless with email marketing but top reasons to implement are:

  • Increased Recurring Donations
  • Long Term Relationships
  • Reminders and Resources
  • Personalized Communications
  • Repeating Adopters
  • Conversion to Volunteers/Fosters
  • Aligned Advertising Power
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Increasing Your Influence

A Few Sploot Strategies

Cat in a Carrier

A play on “Elf on the Shelf” to market holiday fostering for cats (and dogs) encouraging kindness, compassion and do-gooding as a family experience

December Calendar

Monthly Planner outlined with clickable posts for social media and a mix of personal touch + coffee talk emails to further develop a vested interest and connection to your organization


Establishing an expectation from supporters in which they want to be involved in stabilizing the recurring and unexpected financial, physical and social sharing needs of pet welfare through your organization

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Become a Pet Parenting & Welfare Platform

Digital Marketing Memberships

Strategic Splooter

Full Digital Marketing Support

We’ll focus on the entirety of your digital marketing so you don’t have to!  We’ll implement digital strategies to increase online fundraising, engagement, adopter interest, and develop community resource relationships post adoption.  In addition, you’ll have access to our Marketing Strategist for one-on-one calls and “Opt-In” opportunities to accept advertising fees or mutually beneficial collaborations with pet care businesses as we continue to cultivate relationships with them.

A few MONTHLY digital marketing goals:

DIY Splooter

Pop Up Marketing Kits
Free, Limited Access

We offer free, limited access to “Pop Up” marketing and/or fundraising campaign kits which include an outline strategic plan with instructions on best use plus necessary graphic templates, google forms, and pre-written content.   

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