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Sploot goes well beyond traditional marketing. Specializing in strategic alliance marketing, our team empowers you to make a big impact and strengthen community bonds all while advocating for your most vulnerable pets. Together, let’s create a brighter future for pets in need!

Strategic Alliances

We bridge the gap between pet welfare organizations and pet brands, crafting meaningful, long term relationships. Our collaborations focus on amplifying your voice, providing essential resources, and bettering the lives of long stay pets. 

Social Media

Our Spotlight Pet collaboration enhances the shelter promotion experience for long stay pets and their caretakers allowing us to excel in creating social media content that inspires action, with the added benefit of utilizing paid advertising to extend reach.

Guide & Shop

Help keep pets in homes with this all-in-one space for new adopters, first time fosters and life long pet parents which includes professional training guides, post and a customizable pet care shop donating 5% of all purchases.


Our brand sponsored digital fundraisers are carefully designed to captivate your audience and drive participation so you can raise funds and resources while creating a sense of community by connecting supporters with your adoptable pets.

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Work with Us

By working with us, you gain more than just resources; you become part of a passionate, collaborative community driving meaningful change through alliances that prioritize inclusivity, trust and a shared commitment to pet welfare.


We take care of the heavy lifting, from partnership negotiations to implementing programs. Our aim is to make this process as seamless and effortless as possible, freeing up your time and resources for your core mission.

Mutual Benefit

We create an inclusive network of strategic alliances with pet care brands that genuinely share our commitment to pet welfare. This means access to additional resources, financial relief, and an expanded reach for your pets.


You need sustainable change, not just a quick fix. the goal of our strategic partnerships are to create long-term relationships that offer ongoing support, financial stability, and increased capacity for your organization.


Your long stay pets are more than faces in photos – we know their names, cherish their individual stories, fear for and mourn their losses. 

We’re committed to brightening their days with monthly goodies, advocating on their behalf and helping your team to capture moments of joy that can touch the hearts of potential adopters and fosters on social media.

Sploot is a pet welfare marketing agency that provides critical services by creating innovative, effortless, strategic alliances.

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